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With around 400 employees and locations in over 25 cities in Germany, we provide professional IT solutions and services.

In 7 Competence Centers, our specialists deal with a variety of IT solutions requiring intensive consulting in the areas of security, data center & cloud and modern workplace. Thanks to our wide range of managed services, customers can outsource simple and complex IT services to us and rely on the expertise of our 25 years of experience (founded in 1998).

Customers from SMEs, corporations, public sector clients and the healthcare sector enjoy personal, individual support from us in Germany, Europe and via our global cooperation partners in over 170 countries around the world.

Our owner-managed and value-oriented corporate culture allows us to pursue long-term goals and gives us the necessary flexibility to respond to our customers individually.

Thanks to our broad trading portfolio, our customers purchase over 60,000 items via our online store, an individual EDI interface/e-procurement platform or through personal advice from their contact person.

We provide you with comprehensive support for your IT issues

Our core markets


Modern hospital IT solutions that benefit staff and patients

Public administration

Strong IT solutions for the digitalization of administration

Retail & Point of Sale

Discover the variety of digital worlds of experience and communicate more efficiently
The most advanced technology for your workspaces

Data Center & Cloud

Increase the agility and flexibility of your infrastructure by taking advantage of cloud computing.

On premise and cloud as a well-coordinated team: Find the future-proof infrastructure architecture with us.

Benefit from our technical excellence in the areas of servers, storage and backup.

Intelligent networking of your workspaces and locations

Save costs, reduce IT workload & increase flexibility

Anything as a service

IT procurement couldn't be simpler: The standardized platform for everything to do with IT with the best IT-HAUS service offering. 

Network as a Service

Smooth, uninterrupted and secure connectivity.

Infrastructure as a Service

Management, implementation and continuous monitoring of your data center by IT-HAUS experts. 

IT-HAUS Field service

Expert IT support on site when you need it.
Expert IT support
High availability with low monetary outlay

Microsoft's Azure Stack
HCI solution

with modern Intel Xeon processors

Central administration and integration

Central management for distributed installations

Native integration in Azure Cloud

Flexibility and subscription model

Execute workloads from the edge to the cloud

Flexibility through subscription model as billing basis

Expandability and plannability

Expansion steps can be planned and with little effort

High availability at low cost

Efficient use of Azure technologies

Use Azure Virtual Desktop on ASHCI


Experience the future of the cloud

Hybrid cloud in focus!

Watch the webcast recording now and learn more from the Microsoft expert!

All-round protection

IT security


Professional support for setting up and expanding your IT security strategy from our experienced experts. 

Cyber Security Check

Do the check! Is your data secure against theft and other threats?  

Security as a service

Take the pressure off your IT team and at the same time ensure that you always meet the latest security requirements. 


Customized IT security solutions & expert knowledge for your NIS2 compliance


Strengthening the IT defense

Insight into the NIS2 directive, attack prevention and AI training for employees

In our webcast on June 18, 2024 (10:00 - 11:00 am), Philipp von Bülow, Managing Director of lawpilots, and Hans-Otto Mohr will talk about the NIS2 Directive and highlight the requirements that the legislator places on awareness training. They will also discuss the development of phishing attacks using artificial intelligence (AI) and how companies can take a further step towards cyber security and data protection with microlearning on AI.

The most advanced technology for your workspaces

Modern Workplace

Clients & Devices

Modern, prepared devices that contribute to the productivity of your employees.

Printing as a service

The most efficient way to print, scan - with intelligent document processing. 

Workspace Management

Save yourself the hassle of administration or maintenance with automated provisioning of mobile workstations.

Unified Communication

Any device, any time, with any application - intelligent collaboration through integrated hardware and software.

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20% cheaper than the original price*

*Promotion valid until 31.07.2024. Original Printing-Check price 3,000 euros. Our offers apply exclusively to commercial end customers and public clients (no resellers). Prices (net) plus statutory VAT. Discount cannot be combined with other promotions.

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Meet the Team

The basis for our company's success is our efficient and solution-oriented team of motivated specialists who develop individual concepts together with you - true to our motto "We shape IT"

From the IT sector

Current topics


IT-TALK #9: Innovations, sustainability and big data

HPE experts in IT Talk:
We visited the Executive Partner Innovation Tour in Las Vegas for you and brought you exciting insights in our new IT Talk episode!
Gerry Steinberger from HPE and Thomas Simon from IT-HAUS discuss the exciting topics of sustainability in the data center, HPE GreenLake, computing and storage.

Digital Sigange


the innovation in the digital signage segment

Windows 11 Pro

The new way of working

Powerful for employees. AI reinforced. Consistency for IT. Secure for everyone.

Open 24/7 for you:

Book your IT workstation on a subscription basis: Hardware, software, managed services and much more with just one click!


NIS2 - Cyber security becomes a top priority

The new EU Directive on Network and Information Security (NIS2) makes IT security a top priority and sets minimum standards for cyber security. Watch the webcast recording to find out what the new requirements mean for your company and how you can implement them in practice.


IONOS x IT-HAUS hypervisor migration offer

We cover the consulting costs¹, no virtualization costs, no vendor lock-in and open source-based! Not available? We do.

Outsourcing IT - But why?

The shortage of skilled workers in Germany is particularly evident in the IT sector. There is currently a shortage of 137,000 IT specialists in Germany, although this area is becoming increasingly relevant. The specialist knowledge required is becoming more complex every day and the demands on IT are constantly increasing. As a result, companies are facing the risk of the IT area becoming a bottleneck for overall productivity in the company, with other departments suffering as a result.

Microsoft Build 2024 - AI on a new level

Microsoft enthusiasts looked forward to Seattle last week, where the Microsoft developer conference "Build" took place. As was to be expected, the topic of artificial intelligence was once again at the top of the list. There were numerous AI innovations on show. We will discuss a few of these innovations below and show you what they mean for you and your company.

Lenovo Premier Support Plus - More than just a support service

Smooth processes in companies increase productivity and therefore also profits. If IT systems come to a standstill and technical problems occur, such failures cost money. With Lenovo Premier Support, such failures can be minimized and productivity increased.

Why Device as a Service helps German companies with the skills shortage

In our digitally networked world, where technologies are constantly evolving, German companies are constantly facing new challenges. One of the biggest current challenges is the shortage of skilled workers, which is particularly noticeable in the IT sector. There are now innovative methods that companies can use to overcome this hurdle. One such approach is Device as a Service (DaaS).

The future of the hybrid cloud: Microsoft Azure Stack HCI in focus and alternative to VMware?

Every company has now invested in technology to reduce cyber risks. The crux: there is no such thing as 100% security. Regardless of the strength of these defenses, an appropriately equipped attacker will ultimately defeat the technology.

Is your environment cloud-ready?

In a world characterized by digital transformation and data-driven business models, cloud technology is becoming increasingly important. Companies of all sizes are recognizing the benefits of using the cloud, whether to improve scalability, reduce costs or increase flexibility. A crucial factor for a smooth transition to the cloud is the readiness of your environment. Is it cloud-ready? In this article, we will discuss how you can prepare your infrastructure for cloud integration.

Access to the future of AI at no extra cost? Microsoft's Copilot name chaos untangled!

In recent weeks and months, Microsoft has published countless announcements relating to artificial intelligence and "Copilot". So many that small and medium-sized customers in particular have lost track. The one or other renaming of existing offers has also contributed to this. This article brings light into the darkness and gives concrete recommendations on how companies should start their journey with Microsoft Copilot.

Cloud use as a solution to the skills shortage in Germany's IT sector?

Cloud use as a solution to the shortage of skilled workers in the German IT sector - the shortage of skilled workers, especially in the IT sector, has become even more acute. While it eased somewhat during the coronavirus crisis in 2020 and 2021, the number of...

What our customers say about us

Discover how we work with our customers to create IT solutions that inspire and drive forward.

Support for purchasing during the tendering process

Pre-configuration and individual preparation of the devices by IT-HAUS

On-time delivery to the individual locations or home offices

Consistently transparent costs and prices

Significantly more powerful hardware at almost the same price as the previous project

Total savings in the lower double-digit percentage range

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Customer saves on their own IT and the know-how to operate it

Downtimes minimized through continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance

Flexible solution: the number of devices can be adapted to the company's growth at any time at the click of a mouse

Billing per immediately deductible monthly lump sum

Customers can devote themselves entirely to their core business

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Reduction of IT costs through optimized processes and better use of resources

Implementation of solutions to increase IT security in order to better protect data and systems

Improved collaboration within the company and with partners

Business processes were optimized and automated through the implementation of customized IT solutions

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Optimization of processes

Relief for internal IT

Avoidance of downtimes and quick & easy
& simple provision of replacement devices

solution that can be integrated into the existing IT service

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100 % reliability via Plug&Play

Service and hardware from a single source

Relief for IT and simple management of the network solution

7 years of investment protection and proactive management

IT-HAUS as a single point of contact for the entire environment

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Green IT: Innovative & sustainable

IT-HAUS advises you on sustainable IT and leads by example



Über 10.000 Geräte, 37 Länder:
IT-HAUS moderiert Mega-Rollout und verhilft Heraeus zu Einsparungen in Millionenhöhe


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Strengthening the IT defense:

Insight into the NIS2 directive, attack prevention and AI training for employees

In our webcast on June 18, 2024 (10:00 - 11:00 am), Philipp von Bülow, Managing Director of lawpilots, and Hans-Otto Mohr will talk about the NIS2 Directive and highlight the requirements that the legislator places on awareness training. They will also discuss the development of phishing attacks using artificial intelligence (AI) and how companies can take a further step towards cyber security and data protection with microlearning on AI.

Your webcast highlights:

NIS2 Directive
The NIS2 Directive was issued by the European Union to set minimum standards for the cyber security of companies, organizations and other institutions. In the webcast, Hans-Otto Mohr will talk about the requirements for companies and how awareness training helps to implement the directive.

The impact of AI on cyberattacks
Artificial intelligence (AI) is having a significant impact on the cyber security landscape. In this webcast, you will learn how AI is being used by both attackers and defenders and the challenges this poses. From attack pattern detection to automated threat response, AI is changing the rules of the game in the fight against cybercrime.

Employee training with AI microlearning from lawpilots
Employees are an important line of defense against cyberattacks. Philipp von Bülow will discuss the role of employee training in cybersecurity and how e-learnings and microlearnings from lawpilots can help raise employee awareness. These short, interactive learning units impart practical knowledge and help to internalize security-related topics.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Time of day
10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

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Philipp von Bülow
Managing Director Lawpilots

As Managing Director at lawpilots, Philipp von Bülow was responsible for the strategic development and direction of the company. lawpilots is an award-winning provider of legal e-learning and microlearning in the areas of data protection, compliance, AI, ESG, IT security and occupational health and safety. The company was founded by renowned lawyers and management consultants with the aim of conveying legal learning content in a way that is easy to understand, practical and sustainable. lawpilots now offers more than 45 e-learning courses in over 35 language and country versions and has already successfully trained more than three million employees worldwide.

Hans-Otto Mohr
Head of Competence Center Security, IT-HAUS GmbH

Hans-Otto Mohr, Head of the Competence Center Security at IT-HAUS, is a cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He specializes in IT security and managed services. Mohr emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity and supports customers in becoming resistant to cyberattacks. The IT-HAUS GmbH focuses strategically on IT security and also deals with topics such as Anything as a Service, Cloud Transformation, Modern Workplace and Sustainability.